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You are very welcome here.

I’m Marcus Gee and I provide coaching, counselling and psychotherapy using Transactional Analysis.

I also provide a consultancy service to support and educate others in ‘managing change’.

I’m based on the Isle of Wight, centrally near Newport. 

I work online too.


Choosing a therapist, counsellor or coach can be confusing. Finding a style of therapy can be even more confusing. 

Finding a therapist you want to work with is a great start – your choice of counselling and psychotherapy provider is important to you.

This site is here to help you decide if you would like to meet with me. After that, you are free to decide if you want to work together.

On our first meeting, the initial 30 minutes, I offer a free-of-charge discussion where I can answer any questions you may have, we can get to know a little about each other and the issues you are seeking to work through.

At this point, we both decide if we want to work together.


To work with a therapist does not mean you have to have a mental disorder : we all have issues and problems we face on a daily basis. These problems can pile up. Some people struggle to find a way of coping. Some people find a way to cope. Sometimes, a way of coping is found that later on becomes a problem e.g. when physical health becomes an issue or there is risk of upsetting others, not getting on at work, putting strain on relationships or worse.

How are you coping?