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Talking Therapy

What’s going on for you right now?

Are you coping well?

Life can throw some tough things our way.

It is easy to become overloaded, confused or just fed-up by what is piling up. Sometimes we get stuck for no clear reason. We can use up loads of energy and not get far at all. Maybe the same problems happen over and over. Deciding what to do next, then doing it, can seem like big steps.

It is  ok to ask for help from partners, family or friends. You can also choose to talk things through in a private, safe and confidential setting with a person skilled in listening, guiding and supporting you.

It is ok for you to talk about yourself and share what is going on for you. Together we can help you feel better in yourself and explore realistic options for what you’re willing to do next. We can help us understand what’s going on for you and guide you in getting what you want.

And yes, it’s ok to ask for what you want.

It’s OK to ask